The Queen and her kingdom were the Defenders of the Faith, so much so that the symbol of the Faith and the symbol of Her Majesty’s royal house were the same–the Fleur-de-Lis.

It was an age of splendor.  The queen’s court attracted the brightest and best the world had to offer. 

It was an age rotting from within.  The queen’s court attracted the worst and the most corrupt the world had to offer.

The wars defending the Faith made Her Majesty’s kingdom into a voracious beast, always hungry for more, cannibalizing itself and devouring everything it could.

Then the bright new Star appeared over the far western horizon.  Her Majesty’s priests, oracles, and magicians (of which she had many) bickered about what this protent meant, but all agreed it heralded a great opportunity for Her Majesty and the Faith.

An expedition was planned.  Many clamored to control the destiny of the voyage, to ensure their own agendas.  Did they seek personal glory? Perhaps the glory of the Faith? A chance to explore a new world? Simply to foil a hated rival? Were they driven by love? Hate? Revenge? Family duty? Perhaps they sought to sabotage the voyage to weaken the Queen?

The answer to that question is up to you.  The players will create one of the men and women who schemed and intrigued to shape the voyage and who accompanied it in person.

Not only will you discover the motives and agendas of your character, you will also struggle with the other players and others who seek to twist or stop your plans (played by the GM).

Of course, things did not go quite as planned….

When play begins, each of you along with the entire crew of the ship, have been cursed into a wretched half-life as zombies.  And you can’t go home until you lift the curse.

What was your Transgression that brought the curse down upon you?  You’ll discover that together in play.

What is the meaning of the Seabirds that travel beside your ship now?  You know that you follow them home, for your compasses and instruments failed you and only the now baleful star fills the sky.  But are they friend or foe?  They lead you to many strange, terrible, and wondrous islands which seem intimately tied to your own sins.  And do you really hear them whispering to you sometimes…?

How will you lift the curse?  Or will you be damned to wander the sea forever without rest as zombies?

Come play and find out together.

-John B.